How to Protect Children During Divorce | Benefits of a Parenting Plan
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Protecting Children

Protect Children During Divorce

If you are in the middle of a separation or divorce probably your first thought was how to protect children during divorce. This is the most important issue for me as your mediator. I know that getting divorced with kids is not easy, but with knowledge, commitment, and a solid parenting plan you can alleviate conflicts before they arise.


It is my job as your divorce mediator to carefully explain each aspect and implication of what child custody and access mean. I believe understanding is the first step towards resolution, and giving you the tools to transition yourself and family smoothly is the key. To protect children during a divorce it is important that you understand how child custody may affect you and your children.

Divorce Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is like a road map that will help guide you and your family through what can sometime be a messy road. During a divorce a number of conflicts and aggressions can arise without such a plan, and your children ultimately pay the price.


Without a parenting plan your children may miss out on important activities, relationships, and milestones in their lives. This often causes children to feel frustrated, angry, and resentful of their parents for putting them in the middle of disagreements and power struggles.

In my experience, most mediating parents can reach a successful application of the custody and access provisions with a good parenting plan.

Benefits of a Parenting Plan

  • Everyone will be less stressed!
  • Having a plan gives parents & children peace of mind.
  • You can focus on spending time with your children when they are with you rather than worrying about and fighting with your ex.
  • You provide a routine for your children, that helps them feel emotionally supported and loved.
  • You are able to avoid future legal battles to solve parenting disputes.

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