Affordable Divorce Options | How can I minimize the costs of my divorce?
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Affordable Divorce

Where can I find an affordable divorce lawyer? How can I minimize the cost of my divorce? These are some of the first questions that pop up for anyone going through a divorce. Most couples getting divorced have heard that divorce lawyers can cost a fortune. Unless both parties are very wealthy, or so angry that they are not prepared to listen to reason, most divorcing couples will look for ways to have an affordable divorce.

Choosing a mediator vs. divorce lawyer is one of the ways you can help reduce the cost of your divorce. Mediation can be 75% less expensive than paying out two separate divorce lawyer fees. A divorce lawyer is paid hourly, so every question, every email, every conversation you have is on the clock. Your divorce costs will be especially high if your divorce lawyer goes to court and trial hearings for you. It all adds up, and potentially eats away at any assets you and your ex may have.

Reducing Divorce Costs

Divorce mediation is one of the best options to help you keep your divorce affordable. If you and your ex-spouse are ready to come to the table and make a fair agreement, you could find a settlement in a just few sessions. Divorce mediation gives you control of the process, and truly offers a way for you to keep your divorce quick and affordable.

  • Shared Costs

    You and your ex-spouse share the costs of your divorce.

  • One Payment

    You pay 1 divorce mediator instead of 2 divorce attorneys.

  • Complete Control

    You and your ex are in control of the process. If you are ready to come to an agreement your divorce will be quick and cheap.

  • No Court Hearings

    Instead of wasting your money fighting in court, divorce mediation allows you to find a settlement that is fair for everyone.

  • Quick & Easy

    With your divorce mediator’s plan and guidance, you can quickly come to a settlement between you and your ex-spouse.

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