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Free Consultation

Free Mediation Consultation

As a divorce mediation consultant, it is vitally important to be upfront with my clients about the mediation process. My free phone consultation is a simple 30-minute session to advise potential clients about the process, and my style as a divorce mediation consultant. This initial phone session is free because it will inform you and me as to whether mediation is the right solution for you. During our conversation, it will become very clear whether you like my style of communication. The consultation also helps me assess whether you are a good candidate for mediation. My philosophy has and will continue to be that the mindset of the mediating client is critical. Your understanding of the mediation process and my role in that process is what will determine whether or not you and your spouse are able to mediate effectively.

It is important to make you feel comfortable and knowledgeable to help you decide if mediation is the right path for you.

A Non-Biased Approach

Each spouse is entitled to this free 30-minute phone consultation. I view these individual conversations as a way to get to know each party and ensure that everyone is informed about divorce mediation. It will not matter which spouse I speak to first, as these initial phone conversations are simply for informational purposes. It is common to have one or both parties try to explain their situation to me in order to predetermine which way I will lean during the mediation. I will not make any judgments based on these first conversations, and I am not interested in hearing the details until everyone is on board and I have been retained.

Mediation is a non-biased, conflict averse approach to divorce, and at no point will I “take sides”.

Answering Common Questions

The free 30 consultation is my opportunity to answer any questions you may have about divorce mediation. Among the most common is the legalities of working with a mediator. It is very important that everyone understands that a divorce mediator is not allowed to give legal advice. Even though I do have a legal background and am perfectly familiar with the divorce laws in Canada, as a non-biased divorce mediator I am prohibited from giving legal advice. However, I can give you information about what the law says.


This is the critical difference. The law is public knowledge available for anyone to read, and so explaining what the law says does not constitute as legal advice. I will be able to inform you as to what the law states relating to child support, spousal support, property, and child custody. I will NOT be able to advise either party about what they should do accordingly. At the end of these first conversations, each potential client will need to think about the information I have given them, and take the time to decide if the mediation is how they want to proceed. I cannot reiterate enough that I believe this decision should be a mutual and positive one.

Call Julian today for your free 30 minute phone consultation.